Feb 20

Catch up for the last few days…

Hello y’all,

As you can see the American way of life is having an influence, but hopefully not around the waistline :)

Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have a meeting with Tim Turnham and colleagues at the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF). It was great to hear all about the amazing work they are doing, and hopefully we were able to pass on some valuable information to them regarding awareness and support, areas that by their own admission Australia is the world leader in.

We were able to gain insights into the clinical trials process and the potential for new treatments to be made available in Australia, and to open discussions regarding patients traveling to the US for treatment if needed.

Overall it was very insightful and an absolute privilege to meet with the team at the MRF, an alliance that will be a fantastic resource for melanoma patients in Australia and the US.

Jay and myself then travelled to the White House to take some pictures and really take in the importance of the place, followed by a walk to the war memorial which was very inspirational given the amount of brave men and women who have served for our countries.

Today we have travelled to the Penn State University and Hershey Melanoma Centre, which is championed by Dr Rogerio Neves and his great team. We spoke to researchers, clinical staff and medical students about our own melanoma journeys and also what we looked to get out of melanomaroadtripusa.com. We were then treated to a tour of their magnificent research facilities and were buoyed by the excitement the researchers had for what they called the most exciting time in melanoma research for 30 years.

Next stop was the Hershey Chocolate Factory to relax for an hour before calling it a day. Hershey chocolates claim to fame is the worlds biggest block of chocolate at 2.5kg so let’s see if it makes it back thru customs and into Australia.

Tomorrow it is on to Philadelphia and we will end up back in New York by nightfall hopefully, may I thank Tim and the MRF and Dr Rogerio and Penn State for making us feel so truly welcome in their facilities.

Feel free to write to us, comment and tell us what you would like to see more of on the roadtrip!

Remember… your only as good as the support network around you!

Clint Heal


  1. angela

    Hi Jay,

    Have been checking in on the blog, sounds like you guys are doing some amazing stuff! Well done! look forward to hearing all about it when you return. It’s an amazing thing you guys are doing and no doubt you are making an impact on people’s lives and leaving some inspiration and hope along the way!

    Take care

    1. jayallen

      Thank you Angela! Yes! have lots to tell you on my return. Off to LA today then home tomorrow :)

  2. Suzanne Lescure

    Tim is awesome. I have attended the Melanoma Research Foundation Gala for the last two years and the third annual is coming up in May. I wish you safe travels and maybe we’ll meet when you are in San Francisco.

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