Feb 28

Message of support


Saw you both on NBC San Diego and pretty quickly realized you two are my heroes. Keep spreading the word!

My family has a history of melanoma without a positive outcome so I saw a dermatologist 4 years ago as a preventative measure. Turns out I had melanoma in situ on my back. Never even saw it because of the location. It was cut out without any further treatment. Now, I see a dermatologist every several months and my life is a series of biopsies. Having said that, I am the luckiest person in the world to have had the sense and timing to get into a doctor’s office for a checkup. I am a true testament that skin checks are critical to the prevention of melanoma particularly if there is family history. I tell everyone I am able to tell about skin cancer and I freely give out sunscreen when I see the need.

Best of luck on your ride, stay safe, and my positive thoughts are with you both on your continued cancer treatments and recovery.

Stormie from San Diego

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