Mar 04

Melanoma Roadtrip draws to a close…

As I just finished packing my bags for the airport the realization has come that the amazing journey that has been melanomaroadtripusa.com is coming to a close, well at least the US part is…

We are excited to join Louise White and the Emily Tapp Foundation at the Melbourne March for Melanoma on Sunday 6th March followed by returning to the Perth March for Melanoma, hosted by melanomaWA on Sunday 13th March (details at melanomawa.org.au)

But firstly the Roadtrip! Jay and I have been blown away by the people we have met, the treatment facilities we have seen and the dedicated teams who are working so hard in research to give melanoma patients around the world the ultimate… A cure!

To those working in melanoma organizations such as the MRF and AIM, thankyou soo much for the opportunity to collaborate with you and look forward to making an International Melanoma Day in May as the start of an international team dedicated to educating communities and providing information and support to those diagnosed with melanoma. melanomaWA and Melanoma Institute of Australia look forward to working together with the same mission, to provide the best awareness, information and support we can across the globe.

To the Medical fraternity, researchers and clinicians who are all soo passionate about helping those living with melanoma to ensure they are given access to the best treatment and clinical trials available. We are extremely grateful to tour your facilities and have frank discussions about the current research and treatment available, and what is on the horizon. Jay and I have learnt of clinical trials and treatment options that could be of benefit to our fellow Australians, and will be looking into this when we return back Down Under.

Most importantly… to the people living with melanoma, I want to take this opportunity to thank all those along the way that have made us feel soo welcome, from Bob in Connecticut in the East to Bob and Laurie in San Diego on the West coast, you have all become instant friends of ours and we are extremely thankful and feel blessed to have been able to share the journey with you and your families and friends. To open up your homes and hearts to us, and to talk about what fears, hopes and dreams have been some of the most touching moments of our lives and you all know that Jay and I are here as your fellow Melanoma Warriors if ever you need us.

Lastly… My thanks to Jay for the opportunity to share this experience with you, your commitment to the cause and unwavering energy to promote what you believe in has been a source of inspiration for me.

So that’s it from me, but before I go I want to say a big thankyou to all those back home (family, friends old and new, colleagues) who have kept us going with their messages of support, it really has gone a long way to making this a trip of a lifetime. This includes my special friends and colleagues at melanomaWA.org.au for supporting me in my endeavours, I look forward to continually expanding and improving the patient focussed information and support that has been beneficial to soo many West Aussies so far, and also to raise awareness of the dangers of the sun to the wider community.

With Best Wishes,

Clinton Heal

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