Sep 23

6 month check up

Hi Guys,
Thought I would give you an update.
Last week I got the results from my 6 month check up, chest X-ray and bloods all-good. My oncologist then said they will be testing me for the BRAF, just in case anything happens down the track and besides I did pester about it at 6 months ago:) for those that do not know it’s a new treatment for advanced melanoma that has shown some promising results, anyhow so I go and have a pet scan and it has now come back showing a hot spot in my right wrist, it’s weird because I have been having pain in my left arm for the past month that I was worried about, but it showed nothing; I am booked in next Tuesday to have MRI on right wrist and Wednesday left arm.
All the emotions that I felt when I was diagnosed in 2008 have come back and I am concerned about my results next week. I think it’s a feeling that will never leave me when I get bad results, it is such a terrible thing to have to go through.
Anyhow I thought I would share this with you and wondering if anyone out there has ever heard of melanoma reoccurring in the arms after having a positive lymph node in left groin? My original melanoma on left ankle in 2008 was was 1.95mm, but I suppose depth does not matter when you have positive lymph nodes.
I spoke to Clint last night on the phone and he put my mind at ease, he is a legend that guy! Really an inspiration for everything he has gone through. I am very fortunate to know such a very positive and determined young man!
Any help or opinions would be really helpful right now on my current situation?
PS – I just got told my mate Ian Brown who has been fighting melanoma for 11 years has only weeks or days left to live. I am really sad about this as Ian has been attending my support groups for over 2 years now and I have got to know him on a different level, we have probably spoke on the phone everyday for the past 8 months, you know he never says a bad word about anyone, he is just one of those all round top blokes! he is a good mate! So does not deserve to go through this. I really do not like melanoma!
Praying for a miracle Browny!

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