Apr 03

March 2012

I have not updated for a while so I do apologise. A lot has happened since the last time I updated.
My scan turned out clear. Turns out the hot spot was nothing but a hot spot. Must of been a bit of inflammation or something, it was not melanoma so that’s all I needed to know.
My mate Ian Brown passed away. Ian said goodbye last October. He was a champion of a bloke! A real laid back Larikin who so did not deserve to be taken by such a cruel disease. I constantly feel him beside me, before he passed I asked him if he can come back, to do it, and I think he is doing a good job of that.
I have got to know Ian’s family really well since his passing and I will say I know where Ian got his good values and generous nature from. His family are nothing but very kind hearted people.
His mum reminds me of my mum so much!  I’m sure Ian is now guiding everyone.
Sunbeds banned in NSW! Sounds good doesn’t it! Well it’s happened yep NSW Minister of Environment Robyn Parker announced on World Cancer Day February 4 2012 that solaria will be banned in NSW from December 2014. It’s a decision that means so much to not only myself but to a lot of people out there who have been effected by these killing machines.
I have received a bit of criticism from the solarium industry but it does not worry me. This fight is about saving lives and stopping the suffering it’s not about taking anyone’s business away…
It’s not over I am currently as I write this on a plane, yes another plane on my way to WA to meet with the Western Australia Health Minister to try and get a ban. The Minister Hon Hames seems like a really down to earth bloke so I’m hopeful something can be done. My fellow road trip mate Clinton Heal is coming to meeting as well although his partner just gave birth to a baby girl so I’m not sure if his still coming or not. Either way it’s great news for Clint, especially everything that his been through. Let’s hope we can come away with a ban on solaria in WA.
I was given some bad news this week my Dad told us kids that he has just been diagnosed with Chronic leukaemia. His only 57 years old.
Now its up to me and the rest of the family to support him through his journey.
I had clear scans last week for my 6 month check up. It was such a relief, it’s still not any easier waiting for results from scans. It has to be one of the worst things to go through I just hate it so much.

Next February 14th I will be 5 years cancer free! It’s a milestone that I’m really looking forward to achieving. 5 years I can not believe it!
The melanoma road trip is set to continue. The UK is next on the agenda. We are putting the final touches to our proposal now so should have more details soon. I can say it will be towards the end of August 2012.

Stay tuned…

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