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Apr 19

New eligible Patients with Metastatic Melanoma in Australia who require Melanoma treatment YERVOY will be charged $29,600 per infusion, with full treatment costing almost $120,000

From 16 April 2012¬† New eligible Patients with Metastatic¬† Melanoma in Australia who require Melanoma treatment YERVOY will be charged $29,600 per infusion, with full treatment costing almost $120,000.   TweetLink to this post!

Apr 03

March 2012

I have not updated for a while so I do apologise. A lot has happened since the last time I updated. My scan turned out clear. Turns out the hot spot was nothing but a hot spot. Must of been a bit of inflammation or something, it was not melanoma so that’s all I needed …

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Sep 23

6 month check up

Hi Guys, Thought I would give you an update. Last week I got the results from my 6 month check up, chest X-ray and bloods all-good. My oncologist then said they will be testing me for the BRAF, just in case anything happens down the track and besides I did pester about it at 6 …

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Mar 04

Melanoma Roadtrip draws to a close…

As I just finished packing my bags for the airport the realization has come that the amazing journey that has been melanomaroadtripusa.com is coming to a close, well at least the US part is… We are excited to join Louise White and the Emily Tapp Foundation at the Melbourne March for Melanoma on Sunday 6th …

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Mar 03

The West Coast

Hello there… The last few days have been spent on the West Coast of the US, taking a much needed break for a day to recharge the batteries and to visit the Degree33 surfboard company, thanks to Luc and Holly for their time and we have a video interview up on www.degree33surfboards.com We then were …

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Feb 22

What a week!

Hello, welcome to our blog, melanomaroadtripusa.com It was a bit of a free day yesterday (sunday) So we took full advantage of it and took in the sites of Philadelphia mainly because of my addiction to the Rocky movies. Still can’t believe Clint has never seen one rocky movie!! We visited the famous stairs that …

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Feb 20

Catch up for the last few days…

Hello y’all, As you can see the American way of life is having an influence, but hopefully not around the waistline Yesterday we were fortunate enough to have a meeting with Tim Turnham and colleagues at the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF). It was great to hear all about the amazing work they are doing, and …

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Feb 18

Jay meets Jill & Eric Sizemore of Tipp City, Ohio

G day, We have just spent the past 24 hours with Jill and Eric Sizemore and family. They have made us feel so welcome! Last night we interviewed them as you will see on here in the video blog. I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life, it really broke my …

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Feb 17

Message from fellow survivor in the U.S

I just wanted to say Thank You for coming an spreading the word in the US. When I was told I have Melanoma it was the scariest day of my life. The doctor didn’t really tell me anything other than you have to have surgery and if it has spread there is really not much …

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Feb 16

Tour of Yale Melanoma Facilities

Hello there, I hope you are enjoying melanomaroadtripusa.com and please keep the feedback coming in. We have spent the day touring the Yale Medical Facilities and Smilow Cancer Centre with fellow melanoma champion Mr Bob Heffernan. His story is inspirational and we will be putting up a video interview with him shortly. We saw some …

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